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College Guidance Page

On this page, you will find information regarding the steps needed to apply and succeed in college. If you need assistance or have any questions regarding college, please contact Mr. Acosta in person in Room 8 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Graduation Requirements

(As established by the governing board.) The graduation requirements consist of the minimum number of credits a student must complete to be eligible to receive a Baker High School diploma.

  • English: 40 Credits
  • Math: 30 Credits
  • Social Studies: 30 Credits
  • Science: 30 Credits
  • Physical Education: 20 Credits
  • Foreign Language: 20 Credits
  • Visual/Performing Arts: 10 Credits
  • Other Electives: 90 Credits
  • Successful Completion of the Senior Portfolio

*The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 270.

A-G Requirements

(As established by the University of California) The A-G requirements consist of the courses a student needs to complete in order to be eligible admission to the UC and CSU system and most other universities in the country.

  1. Social Studies: 2 Years
  2. English: 4 Years
  3. Mathematics: 3 Years Required, 4 Years Recommended
  4. Laboratory Science: 2 Years
  5. Foreign Language: 2 Years
  6. Visual/Performing Arts: 1 Year
  7. College Prep Elective: 1 Year

SAT Information

The SAT is an examination that allows students the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness for college. Universities use SAT results in determining a student's acceptance to their institution. For more information regarding the SAT examination, please visit the College Board site at SAT Main Page

Apply for Cal State University

Applications to the California State University are completed and submitted through the CSU Mentor interface. If you are seeking information about applying to a CSU, visit CSU Mentor's main site here.

Apply for Federal Financial Aid

Need help paying for college? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the free application to complete in order to receive financial to use toward tuition, books and other expenses related to higher education. To apply for federal financial aid, visit the Federal Student Aid page here.